February 11, 2008 - Vol.19, No. 20


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families




Steve Loughlin

Senior Members:
Ed Merski and Paul Normandin

Fundraiser Update:
We will be putting together a raffle for a trip to Myrtle Beach OctoberFest, October 1-5th in Myrtle Beach. Dianne has exchanged e-mails with the president of the Myrtle Beach Kiwanis Club. She has asked him to look into hotels, packages, restaurants, events, anything that might add to the giveaway and the winner's experience. Also, she has asked him to check with the local Chamber of Commerce there to see if there are any maps or posters, etc., that we could use for our display when selling the tickets. The board has approved a spending cap on the trip and additional options are being looked at to make it a super package. Stay tuned!

Fund raisering chair Dick Metz says " Ooo, pick me...I have an idea!"
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Wishing Well Project
There was some discussion of participation in the Wishing Well Project. This project has been adopted by other Kiwanis clubs. Click here for details. Larry Murphy has been given some information. Dick Metz and Brian Winslow are also preparing other fundraising topics to bring to the club next week. There was interest in the Wishing Well Project from Dianne Zawacki at the Boys and Girls Club. More information to follow.


Compliments to the Chefs!
We presented Jim and Catherine Contigiani with gift certificates to Fratello's for their hard work and service over the last year. They certainly take care of us week in and week out. We apologized for giving them their Christmas Gift so late. Jim replied: "It's like your tax rebate check...you know it's coming, you just don't know when." By the way...the lasagna at this meeting was so good, Joe Adrignola was the first to to the table and the last one still eating! Thanks again to Contigiani's.

Dianne, Catherine, and Jim are all smiles now that Joe is letting his hair grow back!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Next week, we will be meeting on Tuesday because of the President's Day holiday. If it is a 3 day weekend for you, enjoy it! We'll see you back here Tuesday night, February 19th. We will be one week closer to spring. Yeah right...



Reading is FUNdamental
We have 2 RIF distributions coming up in March. March 7 at Woodland Heights and later in the month at Pleasant Street School. Sec'y Kathy Calvin will have more information on dates and times at our meetings the next few weeks and a sign up sheet will be circulated. Please join the fun of RIF if you haven't had the chance already and if your schedule allows. Thanks!

Guest Speakers
As you will see below, Roger Landry reminds the club that we do have some speaker openings coming up. There is no speaker scheduled for either next week, February 19th, or the last Monday in March. the 24th. Please see below for more details, and if you know of a good potential speaker, please book 'em. We'd love to see their presentation.

Speaking of Guest Speakers...
Past President Joe Collie spoke at the Laconia Rotary meeting last week, after being chosen to be in the "40 Under Forty Class." The Rotary Club had nice things to say about our club and only one Kiwanis joke was made. A snowstorm lead to significantly lower attendance, prompting one Rotarian to say "we wanted you to feel like you were at Kiwanis, Joe!" Russ Beane's son Craig is the President of the Club.

The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Russell Beane, $19.

Winning the 50/50 is just routine for these guys.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Kathy Calvin divides the take: 1/2 for the club, the rest for Russ!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Happy Dollars
Russ Beane gave $3 for winning the 50/50 with Roger Landry. Joe Collie gave $1 for his daughter taking her first steps Monday and for the weekend's Ozanam Place fundraiser going well. Steve Loughlin gave $1 for Nancy Williams-Hunt's help with name tags. Steve gave a second buck in honor of Russell Beane's excellent imiation of him (considering that Steve often does impressions of Russ). In all, $7 was collected from this happy bunch.

She makes name tags, but does not wear one. It's Nancy Williams-Hunt in case you didn't know.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Some were pinless, some were without name tags. Among the guilty: Lori Dickson, Dick Metz, Russell Beane, Kathy Calvin, and Paul Normandin. Roger Landry kicked in 50 cents to bring the fine take up an even 5 bucks. Way to go, Roger!


Upcoming Schedule:

NOTE: During January and February, we meet at One Mill Plaza...


Tuesday, February 19th

Monday, February 25th
Eric Johnson, Principal Elm Street School

Monday, March 3rd
We're back at Pheasant Ridge.

Boards meet, Food Pantry money collected

Monday, March 10th
Jim Cande will speak on a possible opportunity of a fund raiser between Laconia Nationals and Kiwanis Club.

Monday, March 10th
Jim Cande will speak on a possible opportunity of a fund raiser between Laconia Nationals and Kiwanis Club.

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Joe Collie

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