March 26, 2007 - Vol.18, No. 26


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


We took our chances

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, and Warren Mitchell8,

Lynn Makepiece
Natalie Garfinkle
Charlotte Callaghan
Jacob BelAir
Sam Adams

L to R: Lynn Makepiece, Sam Adams, Natalie Garfinkle, and Charlotte Callaghan
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Our meeting started in Laconia, at One Mill Plaza. It ended in Gilford, at Pheasant Ridge. Seems no one told Contagiani's to bring the food downtown and some members of the club went to the wrong place, too. Ooops. We had the program first at One Mill Plaza and then we drove back for the business meeting and dinner at Pheasant Ridge. Some quotes from the eventful night:

"I'm going to McDonald's." Ed Merski

"I hope we don't have to drive all the way back there for the same old chicken." Anonymous

"How many pizzas can we get if we all paid $12?" Phil Bonafide

"I forgot about the Memory Project." Repeated often by serveal members.

"Nobody told me." Katherine Contagiani
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Win A Classic!
Paul Cotton reports that Jim and Arlene Fortier, Warren Mitchell, Lori Dickson, Kathy Calvin, and he sold tickets at the Boat Show this past weekend at the Winni Expo Center in Lakeport. Paul says the bike seems to do well with boat show crowds, as we sold tickets to a majority of those in attendance. Up next: The Flower and Craft Show in April. A sign up sheet will be circulated in coming weeks.

On the Campaign Trail...
President Joe Collie reports that the Division 6 Caucus is scheduled for this weekend; Saturday, March 31st at the Wolfeboro Inn. Joe will be attending and vowed not to come back at Lt. Gov. Elect. A report on the proceedings is promised for next week.

Two Minutes for Roughing...
The Manchester Monarchs have "Service Club Night" coming up on April 6th. Tickets are available for $10 to the game, which will be at The Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. Joe Collie solicited a final call from the club and 19 tickets were requested.

Education Expo
The club will have a display set up at the Education Expo this Thursday, March 29th at Laconia High School. The booth will display our connection with the school system, including RIF, Key Club, and any scholarships that we provide. An estimated 800-1000 people may their way through the Expo. Having the display will provide great visibility for the club and our efforts. Thanks to Kathy Calvin for her work on this.

LHS Comedy Night
A reminder that the Annual Comedy Night to benefit the LHS Band Boosters is coming up this Friday, March 30th at 7pm in the LHS Auditorium. Kathy Calvin has tickets for those that are interested. They are $7 for adults and all the proceeds will benefit the Band Boosters Club. The club has provided financial support for this event the last few years.

Survivor: Bristol
Larry Murphy advised that Jim Nute from the Maheau Program will be coming to speak to the club in a couple months. Beyond that, Larry noted that the annual pre-summer clean up at Camp Maheau in Bristol will take place on May 19th. Traditionally, the club helps the effort. Larry said if anyone is interested in spending the morning out on the island, please let him know. Thanks.

Update on Roger Ballantyne
The following report on Roger's treatment was submitted by Betty Ballantyne on 3/27/07:

Dear Family & Friends:

We wanted to send you this update. In February, Roger had gone through a series of tests and at that time it was discover that Roger had a second brain tumor. The plan of attack was to perform Cyberknife Surgery, which is form of Laser Radiation. The pre-treatment had been quickly put together. Within three days Roger was ready for the treatment. Today, Roger had another MRI done (his 13th MRI). The good news is that the Cyberknife was successful. We viewed the MRI dated February 26th and saw the tumor and todays MRI showed the tumor removed. It really was quite amazing!

Two weeks ago we met with Dr. Cho and it was then determined Roger would be prescribed a new drug named Sutent. You can find the information on Suten starves the tumor and prevents the blood supply feeding the tumor. This will slow down his systemic cancer until the brain tumor was completely healed. The plan is to heal the brain, slow down the cancer in his lungs and spine and than go onto Interlukin2 as a form of immunotherapy to fight the cancer.

So today Roger was up and at it early. He was really prepared and in good spirits for today's appointments. We finished up with the Neurologist. We stopped at a store in Boston. I left Roger in the car with the motor runnning for a few minutes only to find he had moved the car. I thought "OH MY GOD, ROGER HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED AS A PASSENGER IN THE BIG BAD CITY OF BOSTON". No, Roger decided he would drive and I had no possibility in changing his mind. He told me "sit back, fasten your seat belt and take a nap" NOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We drove 45 mph in the brake down lane for most of the trip. Needless to say I did not nap! It was Roger's way in wanting to help me in the driving and he felt up to it.

We thank you for your continued support, prayers, beautiful cards and special notes and phone calls and words of encouragement. You help us to get through each day. We are so thankful for our family and friends. It has almost been a year since the cancer returned and we could not have faced it without all your help.


Elizabeth & Roger







Happy Dollars:

Last call for nametags..................................


Steve Loughlin advised the membership that he will soon be printing up a new batch of name tags. Anyone needing name tags for themselves, spouces, or significant others should email Steve Loughlin with the name(s) you would like printed.



Guest Speakers
We heard from 3 students at Gilford Middle High School; Sam Adams, Natalie Garfinkle, and Charlotte Callaghan. Also on hand was GMHS Art Teacher Lynn Makepiece. The students have participated in the Memory Project, in which they create portraits based on photos of orphans throughout the world. GMHS is one of 8 high schools in the state of New Hampshire that took part in the project. Each display features the photo, the portrait, and picture of the artist with the portrait, and a written statement from the artist about what the portrait means to them. All 3 students said they felt rewarded with the personal connection they had with their photo and all 3 also said that they hope to hear back from the recipient and get their personal feedback on the portrait. Since it's inception in 2004, some 50,000 portraits have been completed, including 8,000 during this school year alone. The work of Gilford Middle High is on display at One Mill Plaza.

Phil Bonafide: Ladies Man.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Art Sampling...

.In the weeks ahead...

April 2nd
Key Club will speak. Also boards meet. NISE collected.

April 9th
New Hampshire Catholic Charities

April 16th
Belmont Cub Scouts, Troop 65

April 23rd

April 30th
Caryn Sheehan talks about prostate cancer.

May 7th
Annual Meeting. Boards meet. NISE collected.

May 14th
Elizabeth Harding speaks about NH National Guard Youth Programs

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Joe Collie

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