April 17, 2006 - Vol. 17, No. 29


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Russ Beane

Senior Members
Warren Mitchell, Roger Webster, Peter Karagianis, Howard Bacon.

Howard Bacon was welcomed with a rousing "How Do You Do???"
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Hon. Mem. Dick Breton, Sue Nelson with Don, and Key Clubbers Kayne Krietser, Cara Clemens, and Ashlee Goyette.

(left) Sue Nelson (right) Key Club Guests, Kayne Krietser, Cara Clemens and Ashlee Goyette.
Photos by W.S. Loughlin

Win A Classic!
The next Motorcycle Road Show is coming up on Memorial Day Weekend as the raffle makes a stop at the Hot Rod show at Gunstock. A Sign up sheet will be circulated soon by Paul Cotton.

As Pink Floyd sang..."MONEY!"
Steve Loughlin presented the club with an envelope full of receipts and bank papers totaling more than $1,100 dollars from ticket sales made at Laconia Savings Bank while the bike has been in their lobby. In Paul's absence, Warren Mitchell accepted the loot. Nicely done, Steve! Thanks to Laconia Savings Bank for adding to the pot.

Now...THAT'S funny!
We received a thank you note from Mike Toomey, LHS Band Boosters, who was grateful for our donation. He said that Comedy Night was a big success and well received again this year.

Four More Years!
President Joe Collie reminded the club of the upcoming annual meeting. Their will be 4 slots for board of directors opening up with the terms of Joe Adrignola, Jeff Stone, Don Nelson, and Steve Loughlin expiring. Jane Thibault will be on the ballot as President-Elect and Dianne Roberts will be on for First Vice President. We will be seeking nominations for Second VP and the open board seats at the meeting of Monday, May 1st. John Stow agreed to be considered for treasurer again. If you yourself would like to be, or you know of a club member who should be, nominated for any position please let the nominating commitee know. The committee is made of Joe Collie, Phil Bonafide, Larry Murphy, Warren Mitchell, and Roger Webster.

Key Club Update:
Kayne Krietser advised us that the Key Club is coming off their very successfull "Mr. LHS" pageant, which raised more than $1000 for them. They are currently preparing for the March of Dimes walk and a banquet for any Key Clubber that has vounteered more than 40 hours of the school year to community service. Kayne said they are gearing up for a fashion show soon. He solicited the club for models. No takers.

Kayne Kreitzer reports on Key Club activities.
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Good Cuase...Good Turnout...Good Lunch...Good job!
Dianne Roberts acknowledged the members of the club that attended Community Health and Hospice's Luncheon earlier in the day. It was a thank you for the supporters of their Young Family program. In attendance, Kiwanians Joe Adrignola, Nancy Williams-Hunt, Dianne Zawacki, and Dianne Roberts. Well done!

Warren Micthell, $25

Warren Mitchell counts his winnings.
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
$5 from Warren Mitchell for winning the 50/50

Jim Fortier was found pinless and fined a quarter.

Guest Speaker:
For the second week in a row, a member of the club was the speaker and Motorcycle Rally Director Charlie St. Clair returned from his leave of absence to discuss Bike Week issues with the club. Charlie pointed out that Bike Week now has a new sponsor; Meadwobrook. They are holding a big motorcycle concert that week and other festivities, too. Charlie also acknowledged the Mt. Washington Climb to The Sky will be 2 days instead of 1 this year. It is the Mountain's biggest money maker. There will also be a number of events in North Conway this year, making Motorcyle Week a much more regional event. Gunstock is also expected to expand on its Motorcycle Week activities. Charlie said that the first weekend has grown to be bigger than the second, noting that the second Sunday serves as a getaway day for most visitors and once the raffles are done the crowds disperse quickly. Charlie said that the City of Laconia has been studying other motorcyle rallies nationwide to find ways to enhance the Laconia event and make it more profitable for the city.

Charlie St. Clair shows off Kiwanis pen given to him by President Joe Collie.
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Monday, May 15
The election results announced. Board for '06-'07 will elect new secretary.

Monday, May 8
Guest speaker will be Laura Brusseau. Club will also cast elections in our Annual Meeting.

Monday, May 1
Boards meet; NISE; nominations from the floor.

Monday, April 24
Chief Tom Oetinger will speak during National Crime Victims Rights week.


Joe Collie

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