May 22, 2006 - Vol.17, No. 34

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Roger Landry

Senior Members
Howard Bacon, Ed Merski, Ed Chertok, Roger Webster, Peter Karagianis, and Paul Normandin

Hon. Member Dick Breton, Polly Chertok w/ Ed, Paul Taft w/ Dianne Roberts

Paul Taft and Dianne Roberts
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Bike Rodeo:
Chet Cilley thanked everyone involved with the annual Bike Rodeo, held on Saturday, May 20 th at the usual Union Ave location; the old Brooks parking lot. On hand and pitching in were: Warren Mitchell, John Stow, Paul Cotton, Kathy Calvin, Dianne Roberts, Larry Murphy, Joe Collie, Jim Fortier, Steve Loughlin, Dianne Zawacki, Paul Normandin, Phil Bonafide, and Roger Webster.

Special thanks to:
Piche’s Ski and Sports Shop
Asylum Sports
Laconia Police Department (particularly Officer Kimtis and Officer Yale)
Laconia Parks and Rec
Laconia Water Department
Simplicity the Clown
Normandin Property
Truly a group effort! Over 30 area kids had their bike checked and we sold more than 50 helmets to area kids at a discount price. There will lots of safe bikes out there this summer. Good job to all involved with a tip of the “Kiwanis Kap” to Paul and Chet. Way to go, guys!

(Pictures of the Bike Rodeo are shown at bottom of page.)  

To our big winner…Maggie Randall of Laconia, who won the bike we raffled off from Asylum Sports. She was at the meeting Monday night to claim her big prize! Thanks to Officer Kimtis for picking the ticket.

Pres. Joe congratulates bike winner Maggie Randall
Photo by W.S. Loughlin smell that?
Dick Breton spoke to the club on behalf of Dr. Lou Ricciardello. Lou was hoping to make the meeting, but was tied up at the greenhouse with some power issues due to the recent storm. Lou said a recent measurement of a tuber read 119 pounds and 24 inches in diameter. The update on the potential flower fundraiser that Dr. Ricciardello spoke to us about in January is that he estimates a blooming in 4-5 months. A recent blooming in Miami brought in $20 for adults, $15 for seniors, and $10 for children aged 6-17. The committee is urged to contact Lou and discuss what our options here may be. So far on the committee: Joe Adrignola, Roger Landry, Dick Breton, and Jim Fortier.

Dick Breton updates the club on the potential flower fund raiser.
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

For Beege...
Dick Breton reminds the club there will be a burial service for Beege Dolloff, who passed this winter. The service will be at 10am Saturday, May 27 th at the cemetery in Gilford. There will be a motorcycle procession leaving the Gilford High School at 9:30.

Schedule Reminder
You’ll be lonely if you show up next Monday night, May 29 th . You see, it’s Memorial Day and we won’t be meeting Monday…we’ll be meeting Tuesday. See you then!

Win A Classic!
Last weekend, Paul Cotton and Phil Bonafide worked at the Everett Arena Motorcycle show. Our bike was one of 13 there. Paul and Phil in about $2.10 for every person through the door. Nice job, gents. The motorcycle raffle will be at the Hot Rod Show at Gunstock this coming Saturday, May 27 th . Paul Cotton will set up and break down. Pam and Roger Landry will work 9-noon and Jim and Arlene Fortier will work from noon-3.

On The Boardwalk...
Bike Week is fast approaching. Please check your schedules and figure out when you will be able to sell raffle tickets and then sign up accordingly on the list. It will be passed around in both next week’s meeting and the week after. That’s May 30 th and June 5 th . Here’s a preview of the shifts and what the needs will be:
Saturday, June 10 th 11am-3pm (2) 3pm-7pm (2)
Sunday, June 11 th 9am-1pm (2) 1pm-5pm (2) 5pm-9pm (2)
Monday, June 12 th 9am-1pm (2) 1pm-5pm (2) 5pm-9pm (2)
Tuesday, June 13 th 9am-1pm (2) 1pm-5pm (2) 5pm-9pm (2)
Wednesday, June 14 th 9am-1pm (2) 1pm-5pm (2) 5pm-9pm (3)
Thursday, June 15 th 9am-1pm (2) 1pm-5pm (2) 5pm-9pm (3)
Friday, June 16 th 9am-1pm (2) 1pm-5pm (3) 5pm-9pm (3)
Saturday, June 17 th 9am-1pm (3) 1pm-5pm (3) 5pm-9pm (3)
Sunday, June 18 th 8am-11am (3) 11am-3:15pm (10 needed)
Note as the week progresses and the event comes to a head, the need for more hands on deck increases. Again, check your schedule and get on the list next week or the week after. Thanks! And a special thanks to Paul for all his effort thus far…

Hey Kiwanis...THANKS!
We received a thank you note from the Faith, Hope, and Love Foundation. Co-Presidents Laura Brusseau and Jessica Dutile were grateful to have the opportunity to speak to our club about their organization.

Phil Bonafide reminds us that Community Health and Hospice needs completed paperwork for the golf tournament coming up on June 5 th . The club has a foursome in the tournament. Chet Cilley has the paperwork and Jeff Stone is on board, too. Anyone else interested in hitting the links that day, please let Chet know.

Guest Speaker Schedule
It is the recommendation of President Joe Collie that guest speakers are booked on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a speaker in mind, please check the bulletin and book the next available date. Avoiding double bookings should be easy as long as desired speakers and dates are communicated effectively.

Sharpen up those reading skills...
Kathy Calvin reminded the club that Woodland Heights is having a community Read-In on Friday, May 26 th at 2pm. If you want to read to the kids, you’re welcome to. It’s called “Camp Read A Lot.” The next RIF outing will be on Tuesday, June 6 th at Pleasant Street school. Note the date: 06/06/06. Among the favorites that day: The Da Vinci Code.

First of July Celebration (that's right...I said July 1st!)
Chet Cilley reports that the Laconia Forth of July Celebration will be on Saturday, July 1 st at Opechee Park. Chet was happy to report at $10,000 check from the city for fireworks coming in and a $1,000 donation from Metrocast Cablevision. Entertainment will be provided by WLNH’s NH Idol contestants for the second straight year.

Ed Merski and Peter Karagianis split $18.00. Youth rules!

Ed and Peter split the take.
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Happy Dollar
Ed and Pete gave a buck each for winning the other 8 each.
Chet gave a buck in recognizing Paul Cotton’s efforts during the Bike Rodeo.
Jim Fortier gave a dollar for his youngest daughter completing training at the Police Standards building and she is now a Corrections Officer at the Women’s Prison in Goffstown. Ed Chertok gave a buck for his daughter offering to help sell raffle tickets.

Not so Happy Dollars (aka fines)
Charlie St. Clair was late and fined a quarter.

Monday, July 17th

Monday, July 10th
Boards meet, NISE

Monday, July 3rd
No meeting this week

Monday, June 26th

Monday, June 19th
Motorcyle Raffle Wrap Up with Paul Cotton

Monday, June 12th
Motorcycle Week!  See you on the boardwalk....

Monday, June 5th
Boards meet, NISE

Monday, May 29th
No meeting. Memorial Day. We WILL meet on Tuesday, May 30th. Open so far...

Bike Rodeo

Joe Collie

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