June 14, 2010 - Vol.21, No. 37



News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families




Joe Adrignola

Senior Members:
Howard Bacon, Jim Fortier, Roger Webster, Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, and Ed Merski

Lassie Came Home:
Our favorite Collie returned back to the club after a long absence. The club gave Joe Collie a warm welcome and an enthusiastic "how do you do".

Joe Collie says, "size does matter."
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Is he: updating the bulletin - or checking Facebook? You decide.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Bike Week Update:
Roger Landry gave an update on sales so far. To date, $970 has been taken in since the beginning of Bike Week.

Below is a list of the shifts that have been worked as well as remaining shifts. A sign-up sheet was passed around for those who can volunteer to work on the Boardwalk at the Weirs. At this point the following have signed up or worked:

Saturday, June 12th
Set up: Warren Mitchell, Paul Cotton, Mike Marsh and Brian Winslow
11am-4pm: Phil Bonafide, Dick Metz and Bill Kozmos

Sunday, June 13th
11am-4pm: Steve Loughlin, Brian Winslow

Monday, June 14th
10am-3pm: Roger Landry and Phil Bonafide
3pm-8pm: Russ Beane and Larry Murphy

Tuesday, June 15th
10am-3pm: Roger Landry and Larry Murphy
3pm-8pm: Kathy Calvin and Paul Cotton

Wednesday, June 16th
10am-3pm: Ed Merski and Howard Bacon
3pm-8pm: Larry Murphy and Warren Mitchell

Thursday, June 17th
10am-3pm: Ed Merski and Larry Murphy
3pm-8pm: Kathy Calvin and Patty Jeanne Calvin

Friday, June 18th
10am-3pm: Larry Murphy and Warren Mitchell
3pm-8pm: Don Nelson, _____________ and _____________

Saturday, June 19th
10am-3pm: Don Nelon , Sue Nelson and _____________
3pm-8pm: Larry Murphy, Rosemary Murphy and _____________

Sunday, June 20th
10am-12pm: Steve Loughlin, Brian Winslow and Warren Mitchell
Teardown: Steve Loughlin, Brian Winslow, Joe Adrignola and Warren Mitchell

Parking will be available at Thurston’s Marina but you must stop in at the showroom the day you park.

President Brian Winslow reminded the club that the meeting the week of July 5th will be held on Tuesday, July 6th and NOT on Monday, July 5th. Please mark your calendar.

Mayhew Island Visit:
Carroll Stafford and Larry Murphy recently visited Mayhew Island in Bristol and assisted in the cleanup to get the place ready for the summer. Pictures of their trip were passed around at tonight's meeting.

Larry Murphy and Carrol Stafford helped clean up Mayhew Island. Photoshop helped clean them up.
Courtesty Photo

50 50:
$14 to the winner.

Joe and Jim entered tonight's contest with a three week winning streak.

The winner of tonight's 50 50 was...

...Roger Landry and Warren Mitchell

An anxious Warren Mitchell wonders if Roger will ever give him his half.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin



Happy Dollars:

Roger Landry and Warren Mitchell each gave a buck for winning.

Kathy Calvin gave $2 for Patty Jeanne graduating from Laconia High School and for attending UNH.

Brian Winslow gave $5 for Warren and Paul spending 5 hours setting up the Bike Week display.

Paul Cotton then gave a buck to bring the Happy Dollar total up to $10.

Steve Loughlin then gave $1 because he was happy to have Joe Collie back in the club.

Scott Beane gave $1 for Steve turning 61 on Sunday.


Thanks Dick:
Celebrating her daughter's graduation, Kathy Calvin brought in a picture of the LHS Class of 2010 which was taken by Dick Shetler of Shetler Photography & Framing. Copies are available by contacting Dick at 524-
7600 or at his studio located at 43 Beacon Street West, Laconia (next to Hector's Restaurant).

Note: Kathy Calvin's daughter, Patty Jeanne can be seen in the first row second seat from the left.
To see a larger version of this picture, "click" here.
You can make that picture larger by "clicking" the picture.

Now that she is 18 - maybe Patty Jeanne Calvin will join Kiwanis!
Photo of Shetler Photo

Fines: No fines tonight.

Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 6:57 p.m.

Special Board Meeting:
A special board meeting commenced after tonight's meeting in order to discuss proposed organizational changes within the club. The membership will be updated next week.

Any more patches and Warren is going to need sleeves to put them on.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Bike Week Photos:

A sure sign it's early in Bike Week - they are still smiling!
Courtesty Photo

Banker want a cracker?
Photo by Rainbow the bird's owner

Upcoming Schedule:

Monday June 21st

Monday June 28th

Tuesday, July 6th
No meeting on Monday July 5th because of the July 4th three day holiday

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Joe Collie

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