July 12, 2010 - Vol.21, No. 41



News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families




Roger Webster

Senior Members:
Howard Bacon, Jim Fortier, Roger Webster, and Ed Merski

Welcome Back Chet:

Chet Cilley is happy to be back after a short absence.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Bike News:
Interim President Brian let the club know that the winners of the scooter raffle will be picking up the Hawk 150’s this weekend at Laconia Bike Works around 10:00 am.  If anyone wants to be involved please let Brian know.

Happy Jack News:
Joe Adrignola gave a very positive update on fellow Kiwanian Peter Karigianis.  Peter Jr. tells us that his dad is doing well and is even driving around town. We look forward to seeing Peter Sr. soon.

New Bylaws and Other Proposed Changes:
Interim President Brian outlined the proposed changes to the Kiwanis Club of Laconia Policy and Procedures effective August 1, 2010 and asked for a motion to accept. Steve Loughlin made the motion and Joe Adrignola seconded.  The vote passed unanimously.

Interim President Brian followed up with a second request to vote to change Article XI, Section I of the Kiwanis Club of Laconia Bylaws to read: “This club shall hold two (2) regularly scheduled meetings per month.  The day and place shall be determined by the Board of Directors.” A motion to accept the changes to the Bylaws as read was made by Joe Adrignola and seconded by Roger Landry.  The vote passed unanimously.  You can find a copy of the new Policies and Procedures by "clicking" here.

Take a friend to dinner:
Joe Adrignola reminds the club to bring a guest or spouse to upcoming meetings…we need to meet our attendance of 20 minimum!


50 50:
$15 to the winner



After a four week cold streak, Joe and Jim are back in the winners spot.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Happy Dollars:

$1 from Joe and Jim for winning
$1 from Chet Ciley…Nice to be back and among friends.
$1 from Brian Winslow for the recent Bylaw and Policy changes
$1 from Jim Fortier because Chet is in attendance this evening and he has someone to share July 4th complaints with
$2 from Roger Webster.  $1 in memory of his best friends wife and $1 because Kathy delivered the cane he forgot last meeting
$2 from Joe Adrignola. $1 because Kathy delivered the briefcase he forgot last meeting and one because Kathy pulled his winning 50/50 ticket tonight

$0.25 Chet Cilley was pinless and he also donated an additional $0.25 so the total is $0.50 in fines.

Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 6:57 p.m.


Before the meeting:

Not in the Dog House THIS week...
Although he missed the Kiwanis meeting again, Joe was happy to wear his Kiwanis pin during his Monday broadcast on WMUR TV. Joe reports he'll be back to the club on July 26th.

Joe Collie on the air
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


After the meeting:

Meet Chet and Jim: Laconia's fourth of July organizers
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Dianne Roberts was spotted in Shaw's shortly after the meeting. She is enjoying her married life.

Dianne Roberts extends her best wishes to her friends in the club.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Upcoming Schedule:

Monday July 19th

Monday July 26th

Monday August 2nd
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected.

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Joe Collie

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