July 17, 2006 - Vol.17, No. 42

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Hon. Member Dick Breton

Senior Members
Roger Webster, Howard Bacon, and Peter Karagianis

Hon. Member Dick Breton, Past Member Frank Gulinello

The Raffle That Will Never End...
In addition to Meredith Harley’s efforts, the board voted to place advertising in local papers in an effort to sell the bike. This week, there is an ad in the Daily Sun. Next week, the ad will be placed in The Citizen. At press time, no bites yet. Stay tuned!

Where's Ed?
Roger Landry went to LRGH to visit Ed Merski only to find that he had been sent home the day before. That’s good news. We continue to wish Ed a speedy recovery from his recent back problems. Hopefully, he’ll be back out on the golf course in no time. FORE!

Schedule Reminder
We will have guests speakers in each of the next 2 weeks. Next week, July 24th, we will see a presentation from Reclaiming Futures, and the following week, July 31st, we will meet at One Mill Plaza and see a presentation from the American Institute of Architecture. Again…July 31st, we will meet at One Mill Plaza.

Hey Kiwanis...THANKS!
We received a thank you note from The Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation for our donation from the club and from the Smith Memorial Fund. Also…mentioned by name were Steve Loughlin and Dick Breton, for choosing the recipients of the scholarships given out this year and Kathy Calvin and Joe Adrignola, who are trustees of the organization. Kathy is Vice President. Well done!

Frankly My Dear...
The club had a surprise visit from former Kiwanian Frank Gulinello. He remembered fondly the Kiwanis Fair and Kiwanis Radio Days. He also handed out flyers for the new retirement community in Gilford called Wesley Woods. More information online at http://www.nedeaconess.com/ . Nice to see ya, Frank.

Phil Bonafide. $14 Sorry, Steve.

Happy Dollars
Phil Bonafide gave $1.00 for winning the other 13 and $1.00 for not having to split his winnings with Steve.

Dianne Roberts and Larry Murphy were both pinless and both paid a quarter.

Monday, August 21st

Monday, August 14th
Dr. Lou Ricciardello

Monday, August 7th
Boards meet, NISE

Monday, July 31st
Sonya Misiaszek of the American Institute of Architects at One Mill Plaza

Monday, July 24th
Susan Sargent, Reclaiming Futures

Joe Collie

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