July 23, 2019 - Vol. 30, No.11



News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Venue: Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant

Attendance: 15 in attendance: 7 members 4 Honorary Members and 4 guests

Invocation: Betty Ballantyne


Priscilla Breton – Honorary Member
Aidan Collette – son of Kara Stanley
Jim Fortier – Honorary Member
Arlene Fortier - wife of Honorary Member, Jim
Cheralyn Jewell - Bedford HS Key Club Advisor
Rosemary Murphy - Honorary Member
Lauren Murphy - daughter of Honorary Member, Rosemary
Arlene Torrisi – sister of Honorary Member, Rosemary

Priscilla Breton
Aidan Collette
Jim Fortier
Arlene Fortier
Cheralyn Jewell
Rosemary Murphy
Lauren Murphy
Arlene Torrisi


President Bill reminded the Club of our next two meetings, a Board meeting August 6th at the firehouse, and a regular Club meeting August 27th at the Shang Hai restaurant.

Bill next spoke of recently deceased member, Larry Murphy, and proclaimed his widow, Rosemary, an Honorary Member of the Club.

Larry Murphy had been a member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club for over 35 years. He had served as Club President during the 2002-2003 term and was named Kiwanian of the Year in 2010. Throughout Larry’s years as a member, Rosemary has assisted the Club in various service and
fund-raising activities. It is Rosemary’s intention to continue to participate with the Club as she did prior to Larry’s passing.

, Rosemary Murphy on being named an Honorary Member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club!

Rosemary Murphy proudly shows the certificate of Honorary Membership
presented to her by Laconia Kiwanis Club Secretary, John Walker.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin



Steve Loughlin gave a historical report on the involvement of the Laconia Kiwanis Club with the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation. He noted the club has provided scholarships for college bound students since the inception of the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation in 1956. The Laconia Kiwanis Club was one of the founding donors of the LRSF. To date, the Laconia Kiwanis Club has funded $117,475 in scholarships through Lakes Region students. This includes $3,750 in scholarships awarded this year to six students.

Steve went on to report that we recently received thank you letters from Jennifer Bateman (LHS Class of 2019) and Alexyah Dethvongsa (LHS Class of 2018) for the scholarships they received from the Laconia Kiwanis Club.

To read each thank you, "click" on the respective cards received from the scholarship recipients:

Jennifer Bateman
Alexyah Dethvongsa



Although no Key Club members were present at tonight’s meeting, we received the third newsletter from Lt. Gov. Lydia Tucker which is circulated to all Key Clubs in her district. To read that newsletter, “click” here.


FOOD PANTRY: $66 was collected

HAPPY DOLLARS: $34 was collected

$5 from John Walker in honor of Rosemary being designated a Honorary Member.
$2 from Phil Bonafide in honor of Cheralyn Jewell and Rosemary Murphy being here tonight.
$2 from Muff Kruse in honor of Cheralyn Jewell and Rosemary Murphy being here tonight.
$1 from Lauren Murphy in honor of her dad and family.
$1 from Rosemary Murphy in honor of her late husband, Larry Murphy.
$1 from Arlene Torrisi in honor of her brother-in-law, Larry Murphy.
$1 from Arlene Fortier in honor of Larry Murphy.
$3 from Jim Fortier in honor of each of Larry Murphy’s three women in attendance tonight.
$3 from Betty Ballantyne in honor of Priscilla Breton, Rosemary Murphy, and Cheralyn Jewell.
$1 from Priscilla Breton in honor of Larry Murphy
$5 from Bill Gile in honor of his son's wedding three weeks ago, the guests with us tonight, and Rosemary Murphy being here tonight.
$5 from Kara Stanley in honor of Larry Murphy’s three ladies, Priscilla Breton and Cheralyn Jewell.
$4 from Steve Loughlin in honor of the presence of Larry's family, the Fortiers, Priscilla Breton and Cheralyn Jewell.

Laconia Police Chief Matt Canfield was scheduled to be our guest speaker. However, he had conflicting information regarding the date of this meeting. He will be re-scheduled for September.



Kiwanis Treasurer, Kara Stanley, enjoys a moment with her son, Aidan.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Meeting adjourned at 6:58 p.m



Kiwanian Phil Bonafide and Honorary Kiwanian Warren Mitchell each participated with their antique cars in the 2019 Lakes Region Rotary Club Car Show. The event was held on Saturday July 27th at Faro Italian Grille 70 Endicott Street North, Weirs Beach.

Warren Mitchell proudly shows his 1964 Dodge Dart convertible.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Phil Bonafide proudly shows his 1966 Pontiac GTO four speed convertible.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Phil Bonafide’s 1966 Pontiac GTO won first place as the best Muscle Car voted by all of the car owners at the show. Phil’s car also won second place People Choice award. The People Choice award, which is voted on by all general admission patrons, is awarded to the three favorite cars of all the cars entered at the show. CONGRATULATIONS, Phil!

Mike Robichaud, Lakes Region Rotary Club President, presents Phil Bonafide with his awards.

Photos by W. Stephen Loughlin



Kiwanis President Bill Gile recently met with Irwin Automotive Group Vice President to accept a check for $2,340 from the May fund-raiser Drive 4UR Community sponsored by Ford Motor Company and hosted by Irwin Automotive Group. To read details of the event as reported in The Laconia Daily Sun on 7/23/19 “click” here.

Chris Irwin presents Bill Gile with a check from the Drive 4UR Community fundraiser.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Our next regular meeting is at the Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant on August 27th.

Photo and Graphic by W. Stephen Loughlin








Tuesday - August 6th- Venue: Laconia Fire Department Community Room - 848 North Main Street, Laconia
6:00 pm - Board of Directors Meeting - all members invited to attend

Tuesday - August 27th: Venue: Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant - private room - 331 South Main Street, Laconia
6:00 pm - Guest Speaker: Laconia Fire Chief Kirk Beattie

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