July 31, 2006 - Vol.17, No. 44

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Ed Merski

ger Landry
Senior Members
Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Roger Webster, Howard Bacon, Ed Chertok, and Warren Mitchell

Polly Chertok with Ed, Sonya Misiaszek and Tom House

The Never Ending Raffle
Joe Collie reports that the bike was again advertised in the Laconia Daily Sun this past week. There were a couple of nibbles but, so far, no bites. The bike will next be advertised in The Citizen if a lead, earlier in the week, does not pan out.

Paul Cotton reported on his findings at Harley Davidson dealerships over the past weekend. The board will discuss the bike at next week’s meeting. Paul noted, while out shopping, he picked himself up a new bike (see below).


Paul Cotton demonstrates his Evil Knievel impersonation for Don, Roger, Jeff, and Warren.
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Ech Bein Berliner…
Warren Mitchell reports there are a number of dates that the club could make an interclub to Berlin on. The available dates are as follows:
August 22
August 29
September 12
September 26
These dates are Tuesday nights. If interested in going, please think of which date you’d prefer and we will discuss at the next meeting. Phil Bonafide reminds you that it may be snowing in Berlin by September 26th.

The Gate City Welcomes You…
The annual district convention is later this month, August 17th-20th in Nashua. Club leadership training is offered on Sunday the 20th from 8am to 3pm. If anyone wants more information on the convention, or would like to attend the training session on 8/20, please see President Joe Collie for more information.

Flower Power
A reminder that the "Flower Committee" will be meeting at LRGH at 10:30 on Thursday, August 3rd. Joe Adrignola will give the club an update Monday night, but if you are on the committee, please try and make it to the meeting Thursday at the hospital. Thanks!

Roger on Roger
Roger Landry reports that Roger Ballantyne was in the NAPA store Monday and driving himself around and getting around on his own. Very promising given Roger Ballantyne’s recent health issues. He may be able to make our meeting next week. We look forward to seeing him.

Schedule Reminder
Next week, we will be back at Pheasant Ridge Country Club. We have a 6:15pm Tee Time on Monday night. See you then.

Joe Adrignola, $0

Happy Dollars
None this week. Not sure why.

Steve Loughlin was pinless.

Meeting at One Mill Plaza, the club saw a presentation by the NH Chapter of the American Institute of Architecture. Speakers were Sonya Misiaszek and Tom House. AIA is a professional organization that helps educate the public about architecture and it’s role in society. 90% of architects in this country belong to AIA and more than 200 are licensed in New Hampshire. The mission of the organization is to act as advisories to the public on architecture, educate the public, and strive for design excellence. Tom showed displays of the recent winners at the AIA awards, which have been handed out since 1983. Tom is a jury for the awards and he is also the coordinator of the intern development program for emerging professional architects. Sonya outlines 3 outreach initiatives undertaken by the group. These include the Learning By Design program, which is targeted at 4th graders with an interest in architecture; the Box City program, in which whole schools, grade 5 down through kindergarten plan entire communities in scale using boxes and other materials; and the Environmental Guild, which is working on “green buildings” and new technologies in design and architecture. Sonya can be reached at sonya@misiaszekturpin.com and Tom is available at thouse@osullivanarchitects.com. By the way…ask Joe Adrignola where Sonya’s office is located.


l to r: Pres Joe, Tom House, Sonya Misiazeck, Past Pres. Joe.
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Jim Fortier says "wake me up when you're done."
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Warren reads the fine print.
Photo by Steve Loughlin


LIFE imitates ART.
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Monday, August 28th

Monday, August 21st

Monday, August 14th
Dr. Lou Ricciardello

Monday, August 7th
Boards meet, NISE


Joe Collie

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