August 13, 2007 - Vol.18, No. 46


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Russ Beane

Senior Members:
Warren Mitchell, Peter Karagianis, Howard Bacon, Ed Chertok, Ed Merski, Roger Webster, and Carroll Stafford

Hon. Mem. Dick Breton and Sandy Marshall from LRGH

Welcome Aboard!
We welcomed new member Brian Winslow to the Kiwanis Club. Brian was recently hired at Community Health and Hospice to take over their Development Director position. Take time to get to know our newest member! Welcome aboard, Brian.

Meet Brian Winslow our newest member.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Motorcycle Update:
The bike has been looked at. Dianne Zawacki and Steve Loughlin were both at Meredith Harley over the weekend and the bike was marked HOLD. President Joe Collie called Meredith Harley Tuesday and confirmed that the bike has been looked at and they do have an interested buyer. They are hoping to finalize the deal this week and they will keep us posted. This is good news!

Hey Kiwanis...THANKS!
We received a thank you note from the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation for our $4,000 contribution this past school year; $2,500 from the Club and $1,500 from the Smith Family. Dick Breton and Steve Loughlin received special mention for their efforts in choosing recipients of said scholarships. Nice work, gentlemen.o

To Us...From Us.
We also received a thank you note from the Laconia Kiwanis Club's 4th of July Committee thanking the Laconia Kiwanis Club for our donation of $1,000 towards the annual 4th of July Celebration. Joe Adrignola acknowledged the hard work put in by Chet Cilley and Jim Fortier all throughout the year to make the day a success. The club responded with a round of applause. Nice work, Chet and Jim!

We're Invited...
... to the 80th anniversary celebration and installation of officers and directors for the Berlin Kiwanis Club. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 22nd at 6pm. Tickets are $40 and there are 3 dinner choices: Prime Rib, Boneless Chicken Breast, or Broiled Haddock. RSVP required by June 12th and if there is anyone interested in attending, please let President Joe Collie know.v

Leo says Hi!
Dick Breton reported he had recently spoken with Past President Leo Sasseville. Leo is closing in on his 81st birthday and lives in Arizona. Leo said to say "hello" to the club...and for some reason he said Roger Webster did not need to go back to Arizona if he didn't want to. Leo said he was pleased to hear of the club's recent interclub trip to Berlin.

It is interesting to note that exactly five years ago to the day, Leo Sasseville made a guest appearance at the Laconia Kiwanis Club. (See photo below.)

Hon. Member Dick Breton greets Leo Sassevile when he attened our meeting on August 13, 2002.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

d as presented to the general

Joe Adrignola and Jim Fortier. Shocker! $18

There's a 1099 in this man's future.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
Joe gave one. So did Jim.
Ed Chertok gave one for seeing everyone smiling upon his arrival at the meeting.
Warren Mitchell gave one for our newest member, Brian Winslow.
Ed Merski gave one for the hour he spent with Larry's sister-in-law.
Brian Winslow gave one for being a new member.
Carroll Stafford gave one for seeing pictures of the Kiwanis Ski Bus at Gunstock over the weekend.
In all, 7 Happy Dollars were collected from this happy group.

Phil Bonafide was fined a quarter for being late.

Guest Speaker:
Sandy Marshall, Volunteer Coordinator at LRGH, spoke to the club about volunteerism and it's impact on the local community. Sandy says that people come to her looking to volunteer in order to help others, but commonly find that it ends up helping themselves. She cited some stats from LRGH that included 262 volunteers working 40,000 hours a year, saving the hospital the equivalent of $18.77 an hour. The youngest volunteer at LRGH is 14 years old and the average age of a volunteer is 70 years old. She said in a 4 hour shift, a volunteer will walk approximately 5 miles while transporting patients. Some other stats about volunteerism in general: 60% of all police and fire department work would end without volunteers and 30% of health care manpower would be lost without volunteers. Almost all after school programs and places of worship would cease to exist, and all services delivered by food pantries and soup kitchens would diminish by half! Volunteerism provides a social capital that the country could just not do without. Sandy also says that after retirement, one volunteer project could add another 10 years to your life and additional volunteer commitments could add another 10. Many of us got to know Sandy a little through our work on the Tilly fundraiser last August. Click here for a reminder.

Immediate Past President President, Joe Collie, with Immediate Past President of the Franklin Rotary Club, Sandy Marshall.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Upcoming Schedule:

August 20th
Natalie Rudzinskyj, LRGH

August 27th
Jeff Defrancesco with Kathy Calvin. The topic is News In Schools.

September 17th
Judy Krahulec with Dick Breton. The topic is Weirs Project.

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