August 14, 2006 - Vol.17, No. 46

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Paul Cotton

er Landry
Senior Members
Ed Merski, Paul Normandin, Roger Webster, Peter Karagianis, and Howard Bacon

Honorary Member Dick Breton

Kiwanis In Bloom
The update the club received this week on the blooming of the “Corpse Flower” was very promising.

A committee composed of employees of LRGH, the Chamber of Commerce, and members of the Laconia Kiwanis Club, has been meeting to plan the handling of the event. Joe Adrignola has been quarterbacking the efforts of the Kiwanis Club. Other Kiwanians on the committee include Roger Landry, Larry Murphy, and Steve Loughlin.

THE SMELLY FLOWER COMMITTEE: Clockwise from top: Sandy Marshall, LRGH Community Affairs and Volunteer Service Coordinator; Natalie Rudzinskyj, LRGH Director of Community Affairs; Wanda Tibbets, President Lakeport Community Association; Joe Adrignola, Kiwanis Past President; Roger Landry, Kiwanis member; Heidi Hase, Greater Laconia-Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce Director of Communications
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Joe Adrignola spoke about his dealings with the city’s departments, all of which has been positive and very supportive. The flower will be shown at the Lakeport Fire Station and parking will provided at the Opechee Inn and the Winnipesaukee Expo Center. A press conference will be held this Thursday to help get the word out and the flower will be moved on Friday. LRGH volunteers will assist as parking lot attendees and traffic/crowd control directors. Also…it is imperative that club members show up to lend a hand as well. Remember, we stand to take in half the proceeds from this event. There will be plenty of opportunity as the flower will be on display from 10am-10pm each day for about a week, maybe more. A group of us went to the greenhouse after Monday night’s meeting and it was fascinating to see what has become of the flower to this point.

Howard Bacon can't believe President Joe's amorous attraction to the "stinky plant."

Jeff Stone is hypnotized by the "stinky plant."


Picture at left: Joe (#1) and Lou on Monday, August 14th. The plant measured 60 inches.

Pictured at right: Joe (#2) and Lou on Thursday, August 10th. The plant measured 41 inches.
Photos by Steve Loughlin


A visual growth history tracking the daily growth of the rare corpse flower is available.

Copy and paste the following website on your browser:


Motorcycle Raffle…
Some bad news regarding the motorcycle this week. Paul Cotton reports that the bike did not sell and is still on the floor at Meredith Harley. It is the last 2006 Heritage Softail Classic on the floor. The asking price has been reduced. We will revisit in a few weeks and see if advertising again may be an option. For now we will see if the dealership can get any takers on the bike. Stay Tuned.

Installation 2007
The Installation dinner will be held on Monday, October 2nd. All members and spouses are invited. We will also invite some past presidents and members. This may also be a good event to invite prospective members to. The evening will consist of the installation of the new treasurer, the new first vice president and the new second vice president. Also, new members of the board of directors will be installed and the Legion of Honor recipients will also be recognized. The Ned Roberts Award for Kiwanian of the Year will be handed out as well. Plans will be in the works over the next few weeks with President Joe Collie heading them up. The menu at this point consists of a Prime Rib dinner. The cost will be $20 per person. More to follow…

Membership was addressed at the board meeting last week (August 7th) and clearly this is an area the club needs to pay attention to and try to improve. In the last year alone, we have had 3 resignations and 2 extended leaves of absence, one of which is still ongoing. The numbers have certainly dwindled. I have made contact with the area radio stations and will be putting on some announcements about the club and our efforts and a membership solicitation. More details will follow. I also have put out feelers to a friend of mine in the Manchester club. Their membership increased by 20+ members last year and I have asked for some ideas on how to increase our own membership. Whether we start targeting businesses again or increase our asking of people we run into on a daily basis, there needs to be a more focused approach to membership. The club is open to any ideas you may have. Please be sure and share them at a meeting soon.

Peter Karagianis and Ed Merski. YOUTH RULES! $20

Peter and Ed share the winnings.
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Happy Dollars
Peter Karagianis and Ed Merski each gave $1. A total of $2 was collected.

Paul Cotton was pinless. Paul Cotton was hairless. $0.25 cents was collected

Monday, September 18th
A representative from the Special Olympics will speak.

Monday, September 11th
A representative from the Victim’s Restitution Fund will speak.

Monday, September 4th
No meeting. Labor Day. We meet Tuesday, September 5th. Boards meet, NISE collected.

Monday, August 28th

Monday, August 21st




Joe Collie

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