August 20, 2007 - Vol.18, No. 47


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Roger Landry

Senior Members:
Peter Karagianis, Howard Bacon, Ed Chertok, Roger Webster, and Dennis Denoncourt

Natalie Rudzinskyj, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at LRGH

New Chief Takes Command:
In President Joe's absence, President-elect Dianne Roberts presided over the meeting.

Motorcycle Update:
We have received confirmation from Meredith Harley Davidson that he bike has been sold for $17,000.

Bye Bye Bike!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Another Bike Raffle or NOT?
President-elect Roberts reported on the efforts of a subcommittee regarding whether or not the club should have a future motorcycle raffle. It has been recommended we DO NOT do another motorcycle raffle due to the limited size of the membership and that we consider having an active fundraising committee to work on initiatives year round. A final decision on whether or not to do a bike raffle will be voted on by the membership at our September 4th meeting.


Spaceshot Update (by Steve Loughlin)
On Sunday, August 19th, Paulette and I had an enjoyable visit with Roger and Betty Ballantyne at their vacation house in Scarborough, Maine. Their house is located a few hundred feet from the sandy ocean beach.

August has been a good month for Roger. He is temporarily off Sutent and is feeling much better without having to deal with the side effects of the medication. He’s put on about five pounds and now weights about 190 lbs. His mobility is improving and he is getting out more, which includes traveling to his house in Maine on the weekends. He especially enjoys sitting on the beach with his binoculars viewing the “curves of summer.”

Roger extends his greetings and best wishes to his fellow Kiwanians.

st wishes to his fellow Kiwani
Roger Ballantyne and Steve Loughlin
Photo by Paulette Loughlin

d as presented to the general

Joe Adrignola and Jim Fortier. $18 (exact winners and same amount as last week)

Sec. Kathy acknowledges Joe's uncanny ability to consistently win the 50 50.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
Joe and Jim gave a happy dollar.

Guest Speaker:

Natalie Rudzinskyj, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at LRGH, spoke to the club of the various
mediums used by the hospital to communicate with the public. These include:
·The hospital magazine, Focus, which reaches 20,000 households and is now published four times a year.

· The recently launched website,which took over a year to complete and includes a health library.

· The "Today Show," a weekly television program that airs on the public access channel with a new show every Wednesday at 5 pm.

· A weekly radio show, on am station WEZS 1350, which airs every Tuesday morning from 8:30 till 9.

Other initiatives, which will soon be available, include:
· A commercial spot entitled, Women’s Heath Network, which will air in September.

· Pictorial Archive Communications System (PACS), a radiology technology is in development.

· A 3D ultrasound medical imagining camera, which will show a 3D image of an eight-month fetus, will soon be featured in an upcoming television spot.

Natalie noted that LRGH faces many challenges which include upgrading the plant, increasing technology, and financial stability. The financial stability of LRGH has been successfully addressed and the hospital is "now in great stead."

Natalie Rudzinskyj with President-elect Dianne Roberts.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Upcoming Schedule:

August 27th
Jeff Defrancesco with Kathy Calvin. The topic is News In Schools.

September 4th (TUESDAY)
We will meet Tuesday because of Labor Day. Boards meet. NISE collected.
At this meeting the membership will vote on whether or not to have a motorcycle raffle in the upcoming fiscal year.

September 10th

September 17th
Judy Krahulec with Dick Breton. The topic is Weirs Project.

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