August 27, 2007 - Vol.18, No. 48


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


More than one.

Howard Bacon

Senior Members:
Ed Chertok, Howard Bacon, Warren Mitchell, Roger Webster, Ed Merski, Paul Normandin, and Peter Karagianis

Kayne Kreitzer and Cherish LaBelle with the Key Club.

Happy Birthday, Ed Chertok!
The crowd gave a rousing round of "Happy Birthday" to Senior Member Ed Chertok. Ed celebrated his 92nd birthday on Sunday, August 26th.

Four score and twelve years.
File Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Next week...we meet Tuesday!


Remember that because of the Labor Day holiday, we will be meeting on Tuesday. Boards meet and NISE money will be collected and we will discuss the fund raising for next year...motorcycle or not.



The Installation of Dianne Roberts...
President-Elect Dianne Roberts will become President Dianne Roberts on Monday, October 1st. The Installation will be held in the big room at Pheasant Ridge. Spouses and guests are encouraged to attend. Cost will be $20 as usual and a menu is being worked out. More details to follow. Stay Tuned... By the way, we still need a second Vice President to serve after Jeff Stone in 2009-2010. Any takers?

Hey Kiwanis....THANKS!
We received a thank you from the Laconia Public Library thanking us for our recent payment of $4,333. The Library's renovation was awarded the best public improvement project of 2005. The "thank you" was signed by Jon Nivus, the Chair of the 2nd Century Campaign. That competes our pledge of $50,000 to the library for the Kiwanis Children's Room.

From the Key Club...

Kayne Kreitzer informs us that the new Key Club advisers (there are 2) are former members of the Peace Corps and both served in Africa. He is looking forward to meeting them next week when school starts. Kayne also thanked Jim and Larry for helping out in the snack shack at Laconia High School last week during the football scrimmage. They pitched in at the last minute. Kayne told the story of their broken soda machine, which the Coca-Cola Company in Belmont fixed, and he also told the story of their grungy and broken popcorn machine. Turns out Dick Metz has 2 popcorn machines. He donated one to the Key Club. Great job, Dick!


Chet Cilley won $21.

Happy Dollars
Chet Cilley gave 2 for winning the other 19. Kayne Kreitzer gave $4...1 for the Coke machine getting fixed, 1 for Dick Metz donating the popcorn machine, 1 for being at Kiwanis, and 1 for the help in the snack shack last week. Jim Fortier, Don Nelson, Ed Merski, Roger Landry, and Warren Mitchell each gave one for various reasons. They talked faster than this writer total, $10 was collected.

Russ Beane was pinless.

Guest Speaker
Jeff DeFrancesco of The Citizen was our guest speaker. Jeff runs the Newspaper in Education (NIE). He also hands out newspapers at all Meadowbrook concerts free of charge. Jeff said that the Citizen recently changed it's name to The Citizen of Laconia. The rolls of paper at the printing press in Dover have 5 miles of paper on each roll and they print nearly 24 hours a day at Foster's in Dover. The Newspaper in Education program focuses on Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers on Monday and 3rd through 6th graders on Wednesday. More than 304 teachers are enlisted in the program and more than 1500 newspapers are circulated to area. Jeff said he had been the Education Coordinator at the Citizen for 4 years and recently enlisted classrooms in Belmont and Canterbury in the program. The Citizen was first published in 1926 and there have been 4 general managers in it's history. Jeff distributed cups and tote bags to members who answered questions about the paper correctly. Check them out online at

Upcoming Schedule:


September 4th (TUESDAY)
We will meet Tuesday because of Labor Day. Boards meet. NISE collected.
At this meeting the membership will vote on whether or not to have a motorcycle raffle in the upcoming fiscal year.

September 10th

September 17th
Judy Krahulec with Dick Breton. The topic is Weirs Project.

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