September 2, 2008 - Vol.19, No. 49


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Roger Landry (with a moment of silence and remembrance of Roger Ballantyne)

Senior Members:
Ed Chertok, Warren Mitchell, Howard Bacon, Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Roger Webster, Dennis Denoncourt, and Paul Normandin

He will be missed…

This week, the club mourned the loss of Roger Ballantyne. Roger passed away last Friday, August 29th after a long battle with cancer. Roger was 65 years old. He joined the Laconia Kiwanis Club in 1975 and was Kiwanian of the Year in 1983 and club president in 1986.

A strong club presence was felt at his wake Monday night and funeral Tuesday morning. Warren Mitchell reports that there were several club members, past and present, that rode their motorcycles from the church in Laconia to the cemetery in Maine Tuesday morning as part of a tribute dubbed “Roger’s Ride”. In his memory, a club donation will be made to Community Health and Hospice. To read more about Roger's life click here.

For some pictorial memories of Roger Ballantyne scroll down to the bottom of this page.


ATV Raffle:
The Lancaster Fair was this past weekend. Thanks to those who sold tickets, including Roger and Pam Landry, Don and Sue Nelson, Steve and Paulette Loughlin, Kathy Calvin, Brian Winslow, and Joe Collie. The weekend brought in $2,600 and brought us to within $100 of breaking even.

Joe Collie is all smiles after a good weekend at the Lancaster Fair.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


The next event is the two weekend Rochester Fair. On the schedule so far:


For information on the Rochester Fair, click here.
For directions to the Rochester Fair, click here.


XSet-Up by 6pm: Brian Winslow and Joe Collie

64pm-9pm:Roger and Pam Landry

x19am- 3pm:Dick Metz and Howard Bacon
63pm- 9pm:_______________and _______________

19am- 3pm:Dick Metz and Howard Bacon
63pm- 9pm:_______________and _______________

99am- 3pm:Dick Metz and Howard Bacon
3pm- 9pm:Mike Marsh and _______________

99am- 3pm:Denise Dow and Kathy Calvin
3pm- 9pm:Don and Sue Nelson

99am- 1pm:Kathy Calvin and Phil Bonafide
61pm- 5pm:Chet Cilley and

Breakdown:_______________and _______________



For information on the Sandwich Fair, click here.
For directions to the Sandwich Fair, click here.


XSet-Up: ___________ and ____________

x19am- 3pm:Kathy Calvin and _______________
63pm- 9pm:_______________and _______________

19am- 3pm:_______________and _______________
63pm- 9pm:_______________and _______________

99am- 3pm:_______________and _______________
3pm- 9pm:_______________and _______________

Breakdown:_______________and _______________


NOTE: We may need to work Friday October 10th. We'll let you know.
If we do, and you can help, please sign up below.

99am- 3pm:_______________and _______________
3pm- 9pm:_______________and _______________


Patrick's for Patty Jeanne

Sec'y Kathy Calvin informs the club that her daughter, Patty Jeanne, is selling pre-paid meals at Patrick's Pub and Eatery in Gilford as a fund raiser for her soccer team. If anyone is interested in helping her out, please let Kathy know by sending her an e-mail by "clicking" here. Thanks!

Kathy Calvin wonders why her Patrick's card was denied.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Community Health and Hospice Annual Meeting

Several club members including Brian Winslow, Kathy Calvin, Joe Adrignola, and Dianne Roberts will be attending the Community Health and Hospice function, which is next Monday, September 8th. Joe Collie will be leading the meeting next week.


The Installation is set for Monday, September 22nd in the big room. The price will be $25 per person. Brian Winslow will become President for the coming year. At press time, it is unconfirmed that the Installation will also double as a Governor’s Visit. Stay Tuned. It could be a big event and a big night for Kiwanis if all falls into place. It will certainly be a big night for Dianne and Brian no matter what, so please plan on attending. Stay Tuned...


$24 to Ed Chertok, who drew his own number…again.

Ed Chertok is smiling because he picked the winning ticket. It was HIS ticket!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Free Meal:
Phil Bonafide

Happy Dollars:
Ed Chertok gave 5 happy dollars: 1 for winning the 50/50 and 4 for Chet Cilley teaching in Laconia.
Chet Cilley gave 5 for Gavin, his 11th grandchild being born in South Carolina. Chet also was happy to be teaching and for passing his volleyball referee test to do college and high school games.
Roger Landry gave 1 for the nice turnout at Roger Ballantyne's funeral.
Dianne Roberts gave a happy dollar because her oldest is back at school, saving her on the food bill.

Chet gives $5 to celebrate another grandchild...so far he's up to $55!!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Food Pantry Money:
$27 was collected

Joe Collie was late.
Brian Winslow, Russ Beane, and Charlie were all pinless.

Board meeting from August 4th:

Kathy Calvin read the minutes from the August board meeting. Some of the highlights were as follows:
The minutes from the July board meeting were accepted as read.
The charity and general fund were accepted as read.
Dr. Finn was approved $218 for uninsured dental bills
Payment of $121.95 was made to Kathy Calvin for the purchase of supplies.
Payment of $143.96 was made to Joe Adrignola for supplies.
$150 was approved to sponsor a Key Club Team at the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation Spelling Bee. $100 was also approved for a full page ad in the program. The meeting adjourned shortly after 7pm.


Publication of next week's edition of the Kiwanis Kronicle will be delayed by about one week as your co-editor will be without a computer during the week of September 8th. We are hopeful that publication of our September 8th meeting will be posted by September 15th. Thanks for your patience.


Roger Ballantyne memories...
by W. Stephen Loughlin

I met Roger Ballantyne in 1976 when I moved to Laconia and began working with him at Laconia Peoples National Bank. Two years later, Roger Ballantyne was my sponsor when I joined the Laconia Kiwanis Club.

In recent years, I have been fortunate to have taken pictures of my friend Roger Ballantyne and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of them. “Click” on the thumbnail pictures to open a larger picture.

Clothing styles have changed a bit since I first met Roger Ballantyne.
That's how we both dressed for a full week during the country's Bicentenial celebration.
Roger and his fellow employees at
Laconia Peoples National Bank in 1976.
Two friends with eight eyes.
Three oldies but goodies: Bill Milner, Roger and me. Three old LPNB buddies.
Roger could be serious but...
...Roger was known for his smile.
Roger was an excellent public speaker.
He frequently served as emcee for the annual
Kiwanis Installation ceremonies.
Roger excelled at servicing the Kiwanis Club.
In 1983, he was voted Kiwanian of the Year
and in 1986 he served as club President.
Roger had a great sense of humor.
He enjoyed practical jokes, whether he was
initiating them or on the receiving end.
Roger and Betty enjoyed riding together.
They both got a chuckle out of this cartoon.
One of Roger's passions was his motorcycle.
Roger's musical passion was Elvis.
Roger's REAL passion was Betty.
Roger loved Betty and Betty loved Roger.
This is not goodbye, it's just farewell. ...
See you in a better place.


Roger C. Ballantyne
1943 - 2008



Upcoming Schedule:

Monday, September 8th
Dave Hart from The Taylor Community (guest of Howard Bacon)

Monday, September 15th
Dave Cooly from The Lodge at Belmont (guest of Larry Murphy)

Monday, September 22nd
Installation Night in The Big Room at 6 p.m.

Monday, September 29th

Monday, October 6th
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected

Tuesday, October 14th
Hilary Hartford from Child & Family Services

Monday, October 20th
Craig Wiggin, Belknap County Sheriff

Monday, October 27th
Detective Jeff Stieglar, Laconia Police Department


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Joe Collie

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