October 6, 2008 - Vol.20, No. 1


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Paul Cotton

Senior Members:

Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Roger Webster, Howard Bacon, and Ed Chertok

David Cooley and Jim Bak from The Lodge at Belmont
Susan Nelson with Don

cccccccccDave Cooley ................................................Jim Bak...............................................Sue Nelson
Photos by W. Stephen Loughlin

ATV Raffle:

The ATV Raffle will make one more stop. This coming weekend, we will be selling tickets at the Sandwich Fair.
F or information on the Sandwich Fair, click here.
For directions to the Sandwich Fair, click here.

The ATV Raffle will be at the Sandwich Fair. This is the last raffle stop. The units will be given away on Tuesday, October 14th at 4pm at HK Power sports on Union Ave in Laconia. The schedule for the Sandwich Fair will be as follows:


XSet-Up: Brian Winslow and Joe Collie

x8am- 1pm:Kathy Calvin and _______________
61pm- 6pm:Brian Winslow and _______________

18am- 1pm:Denise Dow and Lori Dickson
61pm- 6pm:Joe Collie and Kathy Calvin

98am- 1pm:Kathy Calvin and _______________
1pm- 5pm:_______________and _______________

Breakdown:_______________and _______________

ATV Giveaway…
After selling tickets this weekend at the Sandwich Fair, the ATV's and trailer will be given away at 4m Tuesday, October 14th at HK PowerSports in Laconia. The winner will be contacted after the drawing.


Kiwanis KARES:
Kids and Reading Equals Success will be at Elm Street School on October 20th from 9:30-10:30am. Formerly known as RIF, we'll be looking for readers to come and distribute books to the 3rd graders. Signed up so far: Kathy Calvin, Dick Metz, Chet Cilley, and Colleen Danforth from the Boys and Girls Club. Kathy says we could use one or two more people.


Don't Forget...


Next Monday is Columbus Day. So, there will be NO MEETING on Monday night. However, we WILL MEET next Tuesday, October 14th.



Duty Calls...
Lt. Gov. Joe Collie was not at the meeting this week. Instead, he was in Dover installing the new officers and directors of the Dover Club and the Seacoast Club. Below is a picture of Joe with Brig Clark, former Lt. Governor and now President of the Dover Club, and Kim Jennison, whom Joe installed as President of the Seacoast Club. For a copy of the current newsletter of the Kiwanis Club of Dover, NH, "click" here.


L-R President Brig Clark of the Dover Club, Division 6 Lt. Gov. Joe Collie, and Seacoast Club President Kim Jennison.
A little Kiwanis trivia: All 3 of these people have been president twice!
Photo by Kim Raimer Asst. Treasurer of the Dover Kiwanis Club

Denise Dow won $

Unlike the one on Wall Street, this Dow actually makes money!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars
Denise Dow $3, 1 for her brother's book, 1 because he is out of the hospital and 1 because he is well. Dick Metz $2, for two new members he will be bringing next week, Jamie O'Conner and Tom Knox. Russ Beane $1, for his son, Chad, managing the pharmacy of the new Tilton Walgreens. Larry Murphy $1, for not having any money in the stock market. Roger Webster $1, No reason. In all, 8 bucks was collected from this happy group.

Election Year Humor:. There's hanging chads, pregnant chads...and now managing chads!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Ron Penn was pinless and Charlie St. Clair was late.

Food Pantry:
$24 was collected.

Free Meal:
Denise Dow....who also won the 50/50. Luck, Be A Lady Tonight...

BOARD meeting minutes...
Sec'y Kathy Calvin read the minutes from the last board of directors meeting that was held on Tuesday, September 2nd. Some of the highlights were:
***We approved the minutes from the August board meeting
***We approved the general fund as read
***We approved the charity fund as read
***We approved payment up to $200.00 to the governor for his expenses relative to his visit
***We approved donation of $100.00 to Community Health & Hospice in memory of Roger Ballantyne
***Meeting adjourned 7:33.



Can Charlie!...

Charlie St. Clair shows how his "recycling bailout plan" works.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Upcoming Schedule:

Tuesday, October 14th
Hilary Hartford from Child & Family Services

Monday, October 20th
Craig Wiggin, Belknap County Sheriff

Monday, October 27th
Detective Jeff Stieglar, Laconia Police Department

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Joe Collie

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