October 9, 2007 - Vol.19, No. 2


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Roger Landry

Senior Members:
Ed Chertok, Ed Merski, Roger Webster, and Peter Karagianis

Denise Dow with Ed Chertok

Meet Denise Dow...our newest member.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


President Dianne's first directive...

Her "highness" speaks...her subjects answer.
Photos and Graphic by W. Stephen Loughlin

Mystery Theater...
President Dianne received a phone call from a Dave Rock in Nashua, who claimed that he found a business card on his front door from Jeff Stone referencing the Stone House, Kiwanis, and a motorcycle. He thought he had won the motorcycle. Clearly, there is more to this story...stay tuned!

Send it to committee...
President Dianne passed around a sign up sheet for committees in our new fiscal year. If you did not see the sheet, please make a point to get on a committee at any future meeting. Also...please remember...we are all on the membership committee.

Website update....
Steve "Dot Com" Loughlin asks that you check the membership page at our website. Please make sure that the information about you is correct....the year you joined the club, work phone, home phone, etc. Any corrections that need to be made may be emailed to Steve at steve@theloughlins.com.

Speaking of the website...
Ed "Dot Org" Chertok reminds the club that there is a good opportunity for revenue by keeping up with the sponsorship links on the home page...and by selling more.

Cover that hole...
Immediate Past President Joe Collie received his second past president plaque. Now he can cover the hole in his office at WASR. There are actually 2 holes in the wall, but the first plaque covers the other one. The plaque was to be presented at the Installation last week, but unfortunately, it did not arrive until the following day.

Dr. Eckel would not be happy with Joe's recent plaque buildup.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Reading is FUNdamental
Kathy Calvin reminds that there is a Reading is Fundamental book distribution scheduled for Elm Street School. Wednesday, October 24th from 1:30-2:30. A sign up sheet will be passed around next week. The tentative date for Woodland Heights is later that week, October 26th. Stay Tuned....

Friday Night Lights
Jim Fortier thanked John and Kathy Calvin for their help in the snack shack at the last home football game last Friday night. He reminds the club that there is another home game this Friday night, and another 2 weeks after that one. There may also be a home playoff game or two, as Laconia's football team in undefeated so far and a favorite for the division title. If you can help in the shack this week, please be there for 6:30 and thanks in advance for your help.

Extra Extra Read All About Us....
The club's motorcycle raffle was mentioned as one of the main points of interest at Laconia Motorcycle Week in an article featured in a recent edition of V-TWIN Magazine. The article featured a big write up and photo shoot of Bike Week and said you can --quote-- "get everything from tattoos to a shot at a Harley, which will benefit the Laconia Kiwanis club and their efforts in serving children's charities in the area." Free publicity is a good thing!

Past President Joe checks out job opportunities.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Guest Speakers:
Roger Landry reminds the club to start thinking about guests speakers. There is a guest speaker schedule for Monday, October 22nd, but there is not one for the 15th or the 29th at this point. November is wide open, too. December is full...see schedule below.

Mike Marsh $19

Anyone can win if they buy ALL the tickets.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars
Mike Marsh gave 1 for winning the other 18.
Ed Chertok gave 3...1 for UNH winning their football game this past weekend. Ed was there. Another for Dianne being the new club president and a third for Denise Dow joining the club.
Joe Collie gave 1 for the Yankees being eliminated from the baseball playoffs.


Free Meal
Roger Landry. That means he will probably invite Pam soon.

Board Minutes from September
The board met twice in September. Kathy Calvin presented the minutes to the membership for approval. The highlights were as follows:
On September 4th:
* The board voted note to do a motorcycle raffle in 2008, but to seek other fundraising opportunities. A committee was formed, consisting of 4 members.
* Both the general fund and the charity fund were accepted as read.
* A leave of absence was approved for Dianne Zawacki through December.
* $100 was approved for a donation to the Charitable Foundation on behalf of Paul Cotton and Paul was presented a plaque indicating this donation at the installation.
* Steve Loughlin was reimbursed for his expenses in regard to the website.
* A dental bill for Dr. Eckel of $45 was paid.
*Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
On September 10th:
* It was decided that Scott Beane would be a Legion of Honor recipient at the Installation, marking his 25 years in the club.


One Meeting Down....51 to go....

After presiding over her first meeting as president, Dianne Roberts is driven to drink.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Meet the Kiwanians, their family, and friends
pictures taken October 1, 2007



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Dianne Roberts and her son, Dan

Senior Members
L to R: Carroll Stafford, Ed Merski, Paul Normandin,Warren Mitchell, Ed Chertok, Dennis Denoncourt, Howard Bacon, Dick Breton (Honorable Member), Roger Webster

Warren Mitchell and guest, Past President Mark Liebl

Sandra Stafford and Linda Normandin

Arlene Fortier and Joanne Merski

Paul Normandin and Carroll Stafford

Carol Ann and Russ Beane with Becky and D. Scott Beane

Dick and Christine Metz with Pam and Roger Landry

Paul and Debbie Cotton with our newest member, Brian Winslow

Roger and Pat Webster with Shirley and Howard Bacon

Linda and Paul Normandin with Jackie and Phil Bonafide

Steve and Paulette Loughlin with Carroll and Sandra Stafford

Joe and Vi Adrignola with Arlene and Jimmy Fortier

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Ed and Joanne Merski with Susan and Don Nelson

Kathy Calvin and Lori Dickson with Lori and Mike Marsh

Dennis and Susan Denoncourt

First Parents: Gladys and Richard Renoe

Honorable Member Dick Breton with Past President Mark Liebl

Key Clubbers: President Cherish LaBelle and Andy Perkins with Ed Chertok


Upcoming Schedule:


Monday, October 15th

Monday, October 22nd
Mike from the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease

Monday, October 29th
Ed Engler, Publisher of The Laconia Daily Sun

Monday, November 5th
Boards meet. Food Pantry money collected.

Tuesday, November 13th (Monday is Veteran's Day)

Monday, November 19th

Monday, November 26th

Monday, December 3rd
Boards meet, Food Pantry money collected

Monday, December 10th
Children's Christmas Party

Monday, December 17th
Adult Christmas Party -Yankee Swap


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Pictures contained in this newsletter have been modified to assure a fast download. Therefore, if you try to print them, they will not be of the best quality. If you should desire a picture better suited for printing, feel free to request a copy by emailing W. Stephen Loughlin at steve@theloughlins.com



Joe Collie

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