October 30, 2006 - Vol.18, No. 5

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Ed Merski

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Howard Bacon, Roger Webster

Hon. Member Dick Breton

Hey Kiwanis...THANKS!
Joe Adrignola presented a THANK YOU we received from Community Health and Hospice thanking us for our support of their Young Families Program. The "thank you" was accompanied by a picture and literature explaining the program and what the organization is able to accomplish with our donation.

Reading is FUNdamental:
Kathy Calvin recapped the RIF reading from last Wednesday, October 25th. Present were Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, Dianne Zawacki, and Sue Laramee. The reading was at Elm Street School. 57 kids walked away with 57 new books. Kathy indicated that the next RIF reading will be in January of 2007. The specific date will be forthcoming.

Programs...Get Your Programs Here...
Last week's call for program was met with vigor. We are booked now through November and with Holiday parties and a week off in December, we should be set on programs through this year, with the next availability coming in January of 2007. Please check the bottom of the bulletin each week to see the upcoming schedule and to see if there are any openings that you may want to fill.

Motorcycle Raffle:  
Sign Up sheets were circulated for the next two motorcycle road shows. The sheets will go around again for the next few weeks. Please check your schedule and figure out when you'd be available to help out. Signed up for our November dates so far are:

Manchester Armory, November 18-19
Saturday 11/18
8am-10am (set-up)
Paul Cotton, __________________
Paul Cotton, __________________
Noon to 4pm
_______________, ___________________
Sunday 11/19
Kathy Calvin, _________________
2pm-4pm and breakdown
Paul Cotton, _________________

Winni Expo, November 25-26
Saturday 11/25
8am -10am (set-up)
Paul Cotton
Roger Webster, _____________
Sunday 11/26
_______________, ______________
2pm-4pm and breakdown
Paul Cotton, ________________

Are you ready for some football???  
Jim Fortier announced that there is a home playoff game this Saturday, November 4th at Laconia High School. The game starts at 1pm and Jim could use some help in the food shack. Please check your availability and help Jim out if you can. Thanks.


Dianne Roberts, $17.00

Dianne Roberts pretends to be surprised on winning the 50 50.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
President Joe Collie gave $5. 4 for his promise last week to give for his Golden Mike Awards and the 5th for seeing that Dianne Roberts was not afraid of someday being President of the Laconia Kiwanis Club. Speaking of...Dianne gave $2, 1 for winning the other 16 and the other for her son possibly being accepted to UMASS Amherst, where he will be majoring in girls and partying. Oh yeah...and music, too. Charlie St. Clair had a happy dollar for being back in town. Glad to see ya, Chuck. Welcome Back.

Collie wins the "Blue Ribbon."
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Joe Collie had $.50 for being late and pinless. There was another fine, but this writer is creating this week's bulletin from memory...and right now it ain't working.

A visit with my friend "SpaceShot" by W. Stephen Loughlin
After Monday night's meeting, the writer visited with Roger Ballantyne.   Roger recently had surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor. I found Roger at home resting comfortably. He looked fine but was a little bored because, for the time being, he is not supposed to drive.

Roger reported that, in two weeks, he will head back to the hospital in Boston for a follow-up to his initial surgery. There he'll undergo CyberKnife surgery. This is a non-invasive radiation-surgery that will cleanout any remaining cancerous cells.

Roger appreciates your thoughts and prayers and extends his best wishes to his fellow Kiwanians.

Roger Ballantyne says "hi."
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Monday, November 27th
Program scheduled. Check back for specifics.

Monday, November 20th
Program scheduled. Check back for specifics.

Monday, November 13th
Spencer Reid from www.planusa.org will speak

Monday, November 6th
Boards meet. NISE collected.

Joe Collie

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