December 3, 2019 - Vol. 31, No.2



News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Venue: Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant

Attendance: 9 in attendance: 5 Members, 4 Guests

Invocation: Steve Loughlin

Priscilla Breton - Honorary Member
Joe Collie - former Kiwanis member and past president & past Lt. Governor
Amelia Collie - daughter of Joe
Sophie Collie - daughter of Joe

Priscilla Breton
Joe Collie
Amelia Collie
Sophie Collie
Photos by W. Stephen Loughlin


Monday, December 23rd , is when the Laconia Kiwanis Club is scheduled to ring the bell in downtown Laconia (across from Citizens Bank) for the Salvation Army. In view of our limited number of members, club members are encouraged to invite a guest to ring with them. The guest can be a family member, a former Kiwanis member, a neighbor, a fellow employee or even a fellow Kiwanian..

If you would like to add your name (and the name of a guest) to the list below, please indicate the time preference and “click” here to send an e-mail to our bulletin editor. Your preference will then be updated into the schedule listed below.


09am - 10am:sKathy Calvin and John Calvin
10am - 11am:sBill Gile and _____________

11am - noon:
sBill Gile and Brad Geltz
xnoon - 1pm:. Phil Bonafide, Steve Loughlin and Scott Beane
.1 pm - 2pm: .Betty Ballantyne and _____________
.2 pm - 3pm:
Meredith Michaud and Brian Winslow
.3 pm - 4pm:
Brian Winslow and CNHVNA-Hospice Employee
4 pm - 5pm:
Scott Laurent and ______________



Subsequent to our October meeting, we received the Key Club Official Newsletter of New England and Bermuda District, Division 5 for the months of November and December from
Lieutenant Governor Lydia Tucker which is circulated to all Key Clubs in her district.
Each newsletter opens with an address from Lydia called Lydia's Lowdown.

To read the November newsletter, “click” here.
To read the December newsletter, “click” here.


The gifts
Phil Bonafide explains the Yankee Swap rules.
Yankee Swap rules: Clear and concise
Steve Loughlin draws the #1 pick and gets this $20 gift card.
Above photo by Joe Collie
Betty Ballantyne gets the #2 pick and is pleased with her adult beverages.
Bill Gile has the #3 draw and switches his unopened gift for Betty's bottles.
Betty Ballantyne displays this gift basket which was in the bag handed to her from Bill Gile.
Joe Collie, with the #4 draw, has his daughter, Amelia, grab Betty's booty.
Betty opens the bag handed to her from Amelia Collie and shows off this adult beverage.
Amelia Collie holds her dads gift basket.
Phil Bonafide gets the #5 draw and seems pleased with his present.
President Meredith gets the #6 draw.
#7 ticket holder, Priscilla Breton opens a bag with two Christmas glasses.
Priscilla Breton smiles as Steve Loughlin exchanges his movie gift card for her Christmas glasses.
Above photo by Phil Bonafide
Doggie Christmas glasses - the final gift of choice.
This smiling group show off their gifts.
Unless otherwise noted, all Yankee Swap photos by W. Stephen Loughlin

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m


Our next regular meeting is at the Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant on January 21st.

Photo and graphic by W. Stephen Loughlin


The Drive 4UR Community that was held on December 10th was deemed a success! In addition to those who participated by test driving Ford vehicles, we wish to thank all those who provided support for the event.

We appreciate the help of the Irwin Ford staff especially Jason Meier, as well as Brad Geltz (a friend of Kiwanis), Kiwanians: Elizabeth Ballantyne (who organized the event), Bill Gile, Phil Bonafide, Scott Laurent, and Steve Loughlin . We also appreciate the publicity of the Laconia Daily Sun, Jeff Levitan & Mix 94.1 FM, and Nancy Brown from The Laconia Links. Finally, thank you to Chris Irwin and Irwin Ford for allowing the Laconia Kiwanis Club to partner with them in this wonderful event.

Contributions to the Laconia Kiwanis Club by the Ford Motor Company will be forthcoming based upon their review of qualified surveys completed by the participants in the event. The Drive 4UR Community, hosted by Irwin Ford, is expected to raise over $2,000 for the Laconia Kiwanis Club which will be used to support children’s programs in the Lakes Region.

Doug Shaw is ready to test drive this 2019 Ford Ranger with Brad Geltz.
Kiwanian Phil Bonafide with Donna Hann
All smiles as Kiwanian Phil Bonafide completes a test drive of a 2019 Ford Escape with Donna Hann
Doug Lamarre (with Kiwanian Bill Gile) is ready to test drive this brand new 2020 Ford Escape
Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation Executive Director, Paulette Loughlin, was pleased to support the Laconia Kiwanis Club
Paula Gile is all smiles as she test drives this 2020 Ford Escape with her husband, Kiwanian Bill Gile.
Kiwanian Betty Ballantyne signs up another customer for a test drive.
Kiwanian Phil Bonafide keeps things legal by attaching the plate to this 2019 Ford Escape.
Kiwanians Betty Ballantyne and Bill Gile review the surveys completed by the drivers who participated in the Drive 4UR Community event.
Drive 4 UR Community photos by W. Stephen Loughlin







On December 12th, former Kiwanians, Roger Webster and Howard Bacon, were spotted celebrating the Christmas season at Ledgeview of the Taylor Community.

Roger, who retired from the Laconia Kiwanis Club in 2016 had been a member for 36 years. He served as president for the 1992-93 term. Roger will celebrate his 92st birthday next November.

Howard Bacon, who retired from the Laconia Kiwanis Club in 2015 had been a member for 62 years. He served as president for the 1956-57 term. Roger will celebrate his 99th birthday next April.

Howard and Roger extend best wishes to their fellow Kiwanis Club members.

Roger Webster
Howard Bacon
Above photos by W. Stephen Loughlin
Roger Webster with Steve Loughlin
Above photo by Diana Comeau
Howard Bacon with Steve Loughlin
Above photo by Diana Comeau



Kathy Calvin (member of The Salvation Army Advisory Board and retired Kiwanian) and Captain Nora McNeil (of the Salvation Army – Laconia Corps) proudly display the toys that were funded by the Laconia Kiwanis Club. As part of its Young Children Priority One (YCPO) program, Kiwanis reaches out to address the needs of children from newborn to five years old. The Laconia Kiwanis Club recently donated $500 to support the purchase of Christmas gifts for The Salvation Army Angel Tree program.

L to R: Kathy Calvin and Captain Nora McNeil
Above photo by W. Stephen Loughlin



On Saturday, December 7th, members of the Laconia Kiwanis Club and Laconia Key Club purchased $794 worth of groceries for the Salvation Army food pantry. The annual Market Basket Food Pantry shopping was funded as follows: $494 from Kiwanis Club donations, $250 from Key Club donations and a $50 donation from a generous lady in the checkout line. All Brite Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. will match the total purchase.

Showing off the gift of goods and the receipts from Market Basket are L to R: Aidan Eldrige (Key Club), Brendan Allen (Key Club), Taqwa Abdallah (Key Club), Donna Wilson (wife of Neil Wilson), Neil Wilson (friend of the Kiwanis Club), Bill Gile (Kiwanis Club), Brad Geltz (friend of the Kiwanis Club), Kathy Calvin (Salvation Army Advisory Board and former Kiwanian), Bonnie Ashworth (Key Club Co-Advisor).
Photo by an All Brite Cleaning employee





On December 3rd, Joe Collie - former Laconia Kiwanis Club member and past two term Club President (2005-2007) - was seen manning the Presentation Station at this year’s Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. This year’s auction raised a record total of $600,032!

Joe Collie - ON THE AIR
TV photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


On December 1st, Paula Chambers, wife of our newest Kiwanis member Ray Chambers, was seen participating with The Taylor Community Snow Shovel Brigade in Laconia’s annual Holiday Parade.

That’s Paula Chambers wearing the penguin suit in the center of the picture.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin




On November 9th, Kathy Calvin, who recently retired from the Laconia Kiwanis Club after 25 years, demonstrated her support for The Salvation Army by “double dipping” into the cold waters of Opechee Cove Beach in Laconia at the annual TURKEY PLUNGE. Kathy plunged with both The Salvation Army team and, a few minutes later, teamed up with a single participant. Air temperature at the time of the plunge: 33 degrees

Kathy Calvin enjoys a pre-plunge photo op with Tom Turkey.
Kathy Calvin and The Salvation Army team enthusiastically run to the lake.
Feeling wet and wild, Kathy races to the water a second time with this solo participant.
Kathy Calvin congratulates her solo teammate on a job well done.
Photos by W. Stephen Loughlin







Monday - December 23nd Venue: Downtown Laconia - Intersection of Main Street and Pleasant Street
9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army - See the form above.

Tuesday - Jan. 7th Venue: Laconia Fire Department Community Room - 848 North Main Street, Laconia
6:15 pm - Board of Directors Meeting - all members invited to attend

Tuesday - January 21st Venue: Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant - private room - 331 South Main Street, Laconia
6:15pm - Speaker: To Be Announced

Tuesday - Feb. 4th - Venue: Laconia Fire Department Community Room - 848 North Main Street, Laconia
6:15 pm - Board of Directors Meeting - all members invited to attend

Tuesday - February 18th Venue: Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant - private room - 331 South Main Street, Laconia
6:15 pm - Speaker: Laconia Police Chief Matt Canfiled

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